Frequently Asked Questions:

How is this different from other Geocaching Cruises?

Most geocaching cruises offer very little in geocaching-related on-board entertainment. They leave the entertainment and activities to the cruise line.  The Cache the Waves team hosts a series of geocaching-themed events, games, puzzles and challenges. These events are designed to give you great ideas and inspiration for your own Geocaching Events back home!

Do I need a Passport?

On the 2019 Bahamas cruise you do not.  You can provide a Government Issued Birth Certificate in lieu of a Passport.  However, we strongly recommend traveling with a passport in case of emergency abroad.

Do I have to have a Travel Insurance policy?

We strongly recommend Travel Insurance, but it is not required.

Will we have a chance to find ALL of the geocaches in Nassau?

No.  However, we will have a chance to find the majority of them.

I am traveling with friends or family who do not participate in Geocaching, is this a problem?

Absolutely not!  There is more than enough muggle friendly entertainment on the cruise for them to enjoy!  The Geocaching Package is optional.

I booked this cruise myself and want to participate in Cache the Waves events, how do I do this?

We do apologize, but participants in the exclusive Cache the Waves events and excursions are required to book through AMS Travel Sales.  If you booked your cruise directly with Royal Caribbean and have not yet paid it in full,  we may be able to bring your existing reservation into the group.  Give us a call at 844-719-7802!

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