Cache the Waves is a geocaching cruise event that is unlike any other!  At each port of call, we have arranged private, air-conditioned, motorcoach transportation to carry you to some of the most popular geocaches in the destination.  You’ll be touring just with geocachers!  The tours are narrated by lively and entertaining guides. You’ll see amazing locations that are more remote than you would just by walking, and get a taste of local history as you cache throughout the day.IMG_20190626_093318

Our upcoming Cache the Waves Adventure for 2020 is aboard the Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas, which is a fantastic ship.  We will be visiting the beautiful island nation of Bermuda, where we will over-night for two full days of geocaching adventure!  You can opt to cache with the group both days, one day or explore on your own!  How you want to Cache the Waves is up to you!

AMS Travel Sales - Cache the Waves

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